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Surrogacy and Egg Donation in Ukraine

— Start of the program in 3 weeks after the signing of the contract!

— Ability to choose a surrogate mother

— Extensive donor base

— Absolute transparency

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Preparation for the first visit to the clinic
You will need to pass the initial tests and prepare the documents in accordance with the list. More details ...
First visit to Ukraine
— Medical examination
— Consultation with a specialist
— Signing a contract
— Meeting with your surrogate mother
Program passing
The program starts in 3 weeks after signing the contract.

Throughout the program, we provide you with all the necessary reporting and keep up to date with all current events.
Birth of a child
Childbirth in one of the best hospitals in Ukraine

Presence during delivery

Intensive care (NICU)
Exit process
We take care of all the documentation necessary for traveling with a child from Ukraine.

Visiting the registry office and obtaining a birth certificate

Preparation of documents for the Embassy

Our advantages:

Quick Start of the Program
The program starts in 3 weeks after signing the contract!

No need to wait your turn for months and years!
Ability to choose a surrogate mother
We will pick you the best candidates for the role of a surrogate mother.

All our surrogate mothers receive the maximum medical and legal support, and are also provided with everything necessary for bearing a healthy pregnancy.
Extensive donor base
We work with real donors and help you choose the best candidate that meets all your requirements.
Absolute transparency
Our goal is the trust and calmness of our customers.

We provide complete information at all stages of the program.

Transparency of pricing policy, no hidden or additional fees.


We were very scared to go to a strange country, but at the same time, we had great support from our coordinator, who was very sensitive. We were met at the airport and brought to the Hotel. On the morning of the next day the same driver brought us to the clinic for the initial consultation, we were very surprised with the service and communication level, felt ourselves like at home. Very excited and waiting for our baby!
Rose and Samuel
We are very happy with our choice and grateful to every member of this great team and most of all to Doctor Valeriia! We even didn't expect to enjoy the happiness of parenthood in 10 months after signing the contracts. God bless you, guys!
Dina and Michael
I was so despaired when contacted JFL, but the girl on the other side of the phone line was so kind, attentive and credible. It wasn't a simple decision, but I'll never regret it. We are waiting for our miracle baby and enjoy every scan.
Rachel and Barry
We are so excited to start our journey with JFL, the level of communication was very important for me and I am completely satisfied. I was very happy with the accommodation and all the offered benefits. Hope for quick results!
Kate and Noah

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